The PayPal Online Casino Advantage

Why a PayPal Online Casino is Safer and More Lucrative

With concerns about online identity theft and online credit card fraud growing every year, growing numbers of online gamblers prefer to game at credit card recognized online casinos or PayPal online casinos.  The reasons are simple: safety, relative profit, and fraud protection.  There are countless stories of gamblers losing money because an unlicensed casino's assets were frozen, a shady transaction left a credit card number vulnerable, or a money order got mysteriously "lost" on the way to its recipient.  Casinos that are affiliated with PayPal and major credit cards give the gambler better assurances that his or her winnings will actually make it back to his or her account.
While casinos recognized by major credit cards are relatively safe, PayPal Online casinos provide  an extra layer of protection.  Namely, since a PayPal Online casino operates via PayPal, the PayPal Online casino has no direct access to the gambler's bank account or the gambler's credit cards.  PayPal -- and PayPal's secured, monitored server -- handles the transfer from the gambler's account to the PayPal Online casino and any transfer of winnings from the Paypal Online casino directly back into the gambler's PayPal account.  Since the PayPal Online casino only accesses the gambler's PayPal account information, the gambler is safe if the PayPal online casino should have an information leak. As one of the major online financial transfer services, PayPal's security is far greater than that of even the best protected online casino.
PayPal Online casinos also provide the ability to dispute fraudulent claims through PayPal's dispute services.  While it is possible to dispute non-PayPal online casino claims, it requires the aid of a good lawyer and the funds to pay the lawyer.  There is also no guarantee that the online casino will pay back the lost funds.  A PayPal online casino, though, will want to maintain its good standing with PayPal.  Thus, any claims filed against a PayPal online casino through the PayPal dispute procedures will be resolved quickly and with the PayPal online casino's full cooperation.
Utilizing a PayPal Online casino can also be more lucrative for the gambler.  A traditional casino must maintain services for dealing with cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards.  This involves hiring and paying a variety of banking services.  A PayPal online casino only needs to maintain one financial service, and since PayPal pays up front, the PayPal Online casino does not need to hire additional services to deal with bounced checks or delinquent payments.  This means the operating costs of the PayPal Online casino are slightly lower than those of traditional casinos, allowing the PayPal Online casino to offer better deals and sometimes slightly better odds.
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