free starting capital online casinoFree starting capital from the online casino

The casinos do have just as much money to give away as any other company, but in times of increasing competition online casinos are constantly trying new marketing strategies to bring new customers to the gambling tables and to beat their competitors. Soome will, even give away free starting capital for their online casino.

The winner here is the customer - You!. One of the most interesting options here are the so-called No Deposit Bonuses. This is about giving the customer a chance to play without using his own money. While virtually all casinos offer the option of playing with play money, a no deposit bonuses is something different. Usually you see these deals because people talk about "XXX $ $ for free", like at Jackpot City Casino (read the review) and Casino Classic (read the review).
The special feature here is that whatever you win playing with the free starting capital, you can actually keep - under certain conditions, more on this later.
The best free capital online casinos are: Casino Classic (here try risk-free), and Jackpot City (free download here).

Here's how the free casino games work

A new player at the casino downloads the free software first, then creates a player account and gets the amount of XXX dollars as free starting capital (bankroll). With this bankroll, he can play for a limited time (between 30 minutes and up to one day). Now there are several options after this period:

  • You lose the free capital: then you can decide whether you want to deposit money and play on with your own money (usually there is a separate deposit bonus in this case)
  • You win during the trial period, and increase the starting capital of, say, $ 500 to an amount of $ 600. In this case, the winnings of $100 will be credited to your real money account (mostly, the amount of winnings to be taken over to real money is limited). In order to actually play with it, you now need to make a minimum deposit, usually $10 or $ 20 € (of course you can deposit more if you want). After this, you can use the winnings plus your deposit to play for real money. The only catch: The amount can you win can only be paid out after the casino bonus has been wagered at least 30 times.

The casinos offer this free starting capital promotion to lower the threshold for the customer to deposit money and to bring him to the table. For the online casino players themselves, this is a risk-free business. It is your decision whether you want to make that deposit after the trial period.  At least, you get to try the games for free!

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