Can I play the big US lotteries if I do not live in the US?

The answer is yes, you can. Many people would love to play the lottery because it is a game of chance with many opportunities to win fabulous cash prizes. Most of the money raised in the lotteries is used to reward lottery participants who are declared winners of the lottery jackpot. In many nations, lotteries are famous and they are legal. In the US, for example, almost all lotteries are supervised by the state governments, because they have been given the right to exercise that control by the constitution. In short, most of these lotteries are monopolies.

More often than not, the funds, which come from the lottery services, are used to support various state programs. By late last year, lotteries operated in at least 40 states including the District of Columbia. Apart from that, lottery tickets in the U.S can be bought legally by any one is over eighteen years, who is currently living at the county of lottery if when the individual does not stay in the state. Most lotteries offered in the United States are statewide lotteries. Every state-certified lottery commission is only permitted to offer lotteries within the boundaries of the state.

Now there is a service through which you can purchase tickets online, not only for all US lotteries, but for any worldwide jackpot. There are absolutely no restrictions regarding your nationality.

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So, if you are residing outside the US and you probably have this question in your mind: Can non-US citizens participate in the lotteries? The answer to that question is very simple and direct. Non- US citizens are eligible to participate and win jackpot prizes in the lottery games. If you are lucky and happen to win a lottery as a non-US citizen, you are required to use the same method that a US citizen would use to claim your prize.

The only difference between a non-US citizen and a US citizen when they win the lottery is taxes deductions. The rate charged by the federal government for tax deductions is a fixed 30%. In addition, different states have different tax structures for US residents and non- US citizens. Most likely, there will be tax treaties between the US state government and the country from which the winner of the lottery comes from. Such treaties come in handy to help in offsetting what is due to the US government as far as tax is concerned. There is no rule, which states that non- US members cannot play. This is where this service for USA based lottery tickets comes in.

In a nutshell, non-US citizens can actually play and win lotteries. The most important point to note here is that non-US citizens are charged slightly higher tax deductions from their jackpot prize than US citizens. It is much more expedient to consult your personal attorney to advice you on the exact amount of tax, which you will be charged when you win a huge lottery prize. Through this article, you have now learned that as a non-US citizen you can take part in the US lottery.

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