Bet365 – Reviewing Red Baron Internet Slot Machine

The Red Baron Internet Slot machine at Bet365 Online Casino is one of the most popular Slot Machines on the site. This is due somewhat to the fame of the Red Baron in History books. The game itself is developed around the story of famous Manfred von Richthofen , the “Red Baron”. The red baron is reported to have single handedly shot down more than 80 enemy Aircraft in World War I.

This machine features 5 Reels with 243 Paylines, something Aristocrat is known for. This non-progressive internet slot machine is a winner in my eyes. Using my 50 cent per line bet and keeping all the reels in play I was able to rack up winnings of $287.50 in my one hour review time.

Playing Red Baron Internet Slot Machine

Although it makes little to no sense you are able to play as few as one reel and up to five. The number of lines in play depends on the number of reels played. With one reel in play there are three win lines and you can wager as little as one cent. With 5 reels in play there are 243 paylines and you can wager anywhere from 1 cent per line to 5 dollars per line making the maximum bet $125.00 based on 5 reels at 5 dollars.

The payout on this internet slot machine is a potential 1,500 times your bet making for a potential payout for one spin of $7,500.00. This combined with the double-up feature and the bonus rounds make it very exciting to play.

On the reels you will find The Baron, a woman (most likely Kate his nurse), his fighter plane, zeppelins, a radio, a dog and the tradition playing cards. On reels 2 and 4 you will find targets and on reel 3 is the bronze cross. When the last three items are on the play board together it activates the bonus feature. The bronze cross also acts as a wild card with all other symbols.

Bonus Rounds and Features

Red Baron Internet Slot Machine payout chart

By having the two targets and the bronze cross appear anywhere on the screen together it activates the Bonus Round. In the Bonus round you first select a mission choosing the number of planes you will shoot down. Upon achieving the mission you receive the mission bonus along with any winnings from the 15 bonus spins used to achieve your mission.

After you choose your mission you are given 15 bonus spins to have the number of planes appear on the board which you have chosen in your mission. As with any win you can then choose to take it or play double-up. I love the Double-up feature at Bet365 Casino.

My Summary

As I stated earlier in my article, during my one hour review I was a winner and I have played twice since. All three times I have played I have walked away winning playing all 5 reels and betting 50 cents for a total bet of $12.50. When picking a bonus mission each time I picked Mission 2 of eight planes and won 3 out of 5 times. Only once during my bonus spins did I get over 12 planes.

This machine is a winner in my eyes. Take the time to play Red Baron at Bet365 Casino. As always I played using Strong VPN because I am currently in the Dominican Republic.

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