Online Casino Myths

Fact and Fiction about Online Casinos

Casino Myth No.1

At online casinos, players have no chance of winning because they are playing against the house.
This is not right. The casino softwares and games and their payout rates are constantly reviewed by independent bodies, and the especially the function of zhe RNGs (Random number generators) are closely watched. These programs ensure that a high percentage of the bets are paid back as winnings. In fact, this percentage for a serious casino is usually between 97 and 98.5%. This is an extremely good deal in comparison to land-based casinos (or compared to your local lotto). Actually, it is a fact that the casino wants players to win big often, because that is the best advertising.

Casino Myth 2

There are "tight" and "loose" games and slot machines, ie those with low and those with high payout.
This is nonsense, because the games are all set to the same profits. Even if a game has just paid a jackpot, the odds for another win are as high as before. The assumption that the casino operator would temporarily increase the chance of winning in order to attract new players is not correct. Such tampering with the RNGs would be noticed immediately at the regular inspections. Since players win big all the time, such a measure is also unnecessary. There are games with higher an lower variance though. A game with a very high jackpot may have less smaller wins, but the long-term percentage is still the same

Casino Myth No. 3

The casinos determine who wins the jackpot, and when a jackpot is won.
Not true, this is determined solely by the random number generator.

Casino Myth No. 4

The casinos manipulate the software to their advantage.
Such an attempt would be discovered very quickly by the competent supervising authorities, and it would lead to severe penalties. In the age of the Internet an attempt to manipulate become public, which would completely ruin the casino - the good reputation and the confidence of the players are the most important asset of the casinos, and no reputable casino would risk that reputation to make quick money.

Casino Myth No. 5

When a new players begins, the casino lets him win first and ltake the money back later. This is a persistent rumor, but it is only a rumor nonetheless. The RNG cannot take into account whether a player is new or not, otherwise the software pass an inspection.

Casino Myth No. 6

If a player wins a lot of money, he has problems getting paid.
This is the biggest nonsense of all. Players who win are the best way of advertising for the casino. A player who does not get his money paid out has the option to make a complaint to the supervisory bodies, or to make his case public on the internet. Such a loss of image and reputation no online casino can afford.

Casino Myth No. 7

There are reputable and rogue casinos.
The only myth in which there is a little truth! There are actually rogue casinos that have been known to cheat their customers. Precisely for this reason you should carefully consider where to play, and as always it's just safer to play with market-leading providers, because they can not afford to be seen cheating. We are watching the casino scene constantly and can therefore recommend the casinos listed on our site with 100% certainty!

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