The Best Video Poker Games online

Video Poker also known as Slot Poker is a widely popular poker game, that is ''trapped'' into a casino slot machine. There are many types of these poker machines, each of them with some specific set of rules and also a different house-edge. Video Poker is actually quite similar to so called club poker, both of these can be profitable for the player. While the famous saying, that casino always has the edge is also true for Video Poker, this game is actually beatable by using optimal strategy. We'll discuss specific strategies in another article. This one will be about the best Video Poker games. Best ones will be those, richest with features and ones offering the lowest house edge.

Jacks or Better is the most common video poker type found at casinos. It's also a very basic and easy to understand. A pair of jacks or higher will give your original bet back, while getting anything worse will loose your bet. Jacks or Better machines usually feature the same payouts, except for so called full pay machines (also known as 9/6 machines). These feature a better payouts for full-house and flush combinations – 9 coins for the first one and 6 coins for the second one. Machines are also commonly seen in different variations, such as 6/4 , 6/5 and so on. Jacks or Better video poker machines will feature a payout ratio of 94.99% and all the way up to 99.54%. The 9/6 machines obviously feature the best payouts. 

It's also crucial to have 5 credit payout for a pair of jacks or better, as if machine pays out 4 credits, return of a game is reduced by 12,65%. 

Deuces Wild is a completely different video poker version, compared to Jacks or Better. It's so different because the deck of cards feature 4 wild deuces, which can replace any card on the deck, in order to complete any hand combination. There's also an extra combination – five of a kind. This one is made by using four kings and a deuce. Deuces Wild machine will also often feature a special bonus for getting four deuces.  

The actual return of Deuces Wild video poker exceeds 100% in the full pay variation and is 99.72% in the other variation. The other variation is also referred to as NSUD or Not So Ugly Ducks. These are, of course, the returns given that your play is perfectly optimal. While most other video poker games can be seen on a consistent basis, full pay variation of Deuces Wild is rarely available. A good indication of full pay variation is a 25 credit payout for four of a kind combination. 

Bonus Poker is a specific video poker variation of the Jacks or Better game. This machine features a reduced payouts for full-house and flush combinations (8/5) However, the payouts are increased for a few four of a kind combinations. The variation of 8/5 game provides a return percentage of  99.16%. 

Be cautious when choosing a bonus poker video poker machine, as there are several new games, which are presented as Bonus Poker. If a game pays out 5 coins for one pair, it's usually good to play. Bad machines provide a payout of 1 coin for one pair combinations.  

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