Slotland Casino Ice Queen Review

I am not much for Fairy Tales but I decided to give the Ice Queen Internet Slot Machine a whirl. It is based on a brother and sister where the brother ends up in a land where an evil Queen lives. The sister (Kai), a Polar Bear and a Faun (Greek God of the Forest), set out to save the brother (Gerda) and have to deal with the Queen. This machine was a little more complex than Double Luck and was a bit out of my league when it came to betting. I am not a big fan of Internet Slots with a progressive jackpot because the odds of winning are usually much lower. My other issue is the amount needed to bet in each spin in order to be able to win the Progressive jackpot.

The slot machine is designed to look like an Ice Palace, the reels are animated and contain the Brother and Sister character triggering the Bonus round if both hang around in the pay windows. Along with the Queen, the Polar Bear and Faun there is a Snowflake, Rook and Scepter all used for various points in the pay lines. The characters are animated and some reel items show stories. All in all it is pretty well done.

Betting and Play

The machine has 5 reels and 21 bet lines, the betting amount begins at 10 cents and increases to up to $4.00 for each line. This gives you a betting range of ten cents up to eighty-four dollars for each spin. There is a Magic Mirror Wild card which can be used to replace any of the other items except the brother and sister. This Internet Slot machine pays pretty well on lines with three of a kinds paying from 1 to 100 times your line bet. Hitting four of a kind pays from 5 times to 500 times and five of a kind from 10 to 1,000 times your line bet.

Bonus and Jackpot

If Gerda and Kai end up on the screen at the same time you are hurled into Bonus land where you decide to play as either the brother or sister. After your sex has been decided you are asked to pick a scepter which discloses your Bonus Multiplier and you set off to free frozen statues looking for a key. If you find the key you will get all the Queens riches. You have six chances to find the key and in the interim receive various bonuses for the statues.

If you spin five Queens on a pay line and have bet the minimum of $20.00 you will win the Progressive Jackpot which is regularly in the six figures. While I was playing the jackpot was hovering around $110,000.00. The Allure of the Jackpot was too much for me and ending up going through my budget rather quickly. Let’s say I did not do as well on this one. I enjoyed playing and while betting smaller amounts on multiple play lines was able to experience the Bonus Round a few times.

I enjoyed playing this machine but would not be able to make it a regular thing on my Slot Budget. But, for those of you with an itch for the big money it is a great choice for the cost payout benefit of the Progressive Jackpots Slotland is so well known for.

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