New lottery starts in 2022

Most African countries already have several lotteries, and Kenya is not a exception. But compared to other countries, lotteries in Kenya are mostly small operations. Often times, they seem to be financing small- to medium-sized charity organizations. Some of those are a little bit on the shady side, and people ask themselves who benefits most from those charitable aspects.

The new lottery soon to come is named LottoPawa - pawa being Swahili for "power". It will be a 6 out of 49 lottery with one extra number between 1 and 10. This lottery structure is a popular and proven model n many countries of the world. But the main difference between existing lotteries and this new project is the jackpot, which will be KSh 200 million, which is around 1,6 million Euros. The tier 2 prize will be KS20 million.

This makes the new game 4 times larger compared to its competitors, meaning it will be Kenya's biggest lottery by far.

And there is a charitable aspect to this lottery as well: Kenyan gambling laws require for every lottery to spend 25% of their net profit for charities, and the operators of Lottopawa have already announced that they will make sure that all the funds allocated to charity will be spent for charitable causes only adn directly, without administrative expenses taken from those funds.

In a country where gambling is just as popular as anywhere else, this new game should make quite an impact.



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