Betting Systems In Blackjack

BlackJack just as about any other casino game, features a house edge. As people are competitive, or probably just looking for an easy way to make a lot of money, there have been many trying to beat the casino by implementing different blackjack strategies. One is known to work mathematically – blackjack card counting. However, this article won't be about counting. This one will be about a strategy that is totally welcomed across casinos and is widely used among gamblers around the world. This article will be about blackjack betting systems !

A betting system is a mathematical progression of numbers or units. It's commonly known in the gambling world, as there are systems for roulette, slots and just about any other casino game. While most of these systems look good at the first glance, they actually don't really work longterm. No system can change the house edge, as each round of betting will feature edge for the casino.

To make use of betting systems even harder, casinos have implemented table limits. This is actually not the main reason for table limits, but it also makes using betting systems harder. You'll often won't be able to make a bet required by the system, just because betting limits won't let you to!

Martingale betting system

Martingale is one of the very first betting systems, that got popular. It's rumoured to have been invented in the 18th century. Back then a game of coin-flipping was widely popular and Martingale was invented exactly for that reason. It advised that a gambler, who bet on the coin to land in a specific way,  should double his bet size every time he lost. If he won, he just kept betting the same stake. Martingale betting system seemed like a sure thing for those, who advertised it. However, there were some things these advisors didn't think of. While a single coin-flip is a 50/50 to be either heads or tails, the chance of coin landing at heads or tails several times in a row is quite significant.

 Advisors advertised the strategy as one, where it's impossible to loose. Surely, you'll eventually flip the side of a coin, you are betting at. However, a gambler would have to be wealthy. How wealthy – infinitive. You'd have to have an infinitive amount of money, in order to use Martingale as a sure thing.

How exactly does Martingale work?

Imagine a game of blackjack, where you are playing 1 box. You bet $5 and loose. According to Martingale, you now have to bet $10. Every time you loose, you have to double your stake. Once won, you can return to the starting bet of yours.

The d'Alembert betting system

The d'Alembert betting system was invented by Sir Jean De Lon d'Alembert. The system depends on the outcome of your last spin and is somewhat similar to Martingale one, by following a similar logic.

However, d'Alembert system advises to bet more when winning and less when loosing. This is exactly the opposite suggestion, compared to Martingale.

 The system suggests, that after one type of an event has occurred, it's more likely that the other type will happen. If you lost the previous hand of blackjack, you are more likely to win the next one. This is obviously not the case and that's one of the main reasons why this system is flawed.

How does d'Alembert betting system work?

Imagine, that you are playing blackjack on 1 box at a casino. You bet $20 and loose, follow up by decreasing your bet and betting $10. Vice versa, if you bet $20 and win – bet $40 on the next hand.

Fibonacci betting system

The Fibonacci betting system, also called Fibonacci sequence, is a betting system that follows a sequence of numbers, which determine the stake you'll be wagering in the next betting rounds.

This betting system is designed in a less aggressive way, than other ones like Martingale. Instead of doubling your stake, you'll be increasing it by a few units. By using Fibonacci, you are less likely to hit betting limits or go broke. It should be noted, that it will also be harder to get your losses back, if you hit a bad streak.

A fibonacci sequence starts with numbers 0, 1 and you start by betting the sum of these two numbers – 1+0 = 1 unit. (You have to determine the size of 1 unit, before starting to use this system)

In case of loosing, you add the number of units, that you just bet. to the sequence. If you lost in the first hand of a sequence, you'd add 1 to the sequence and it would look like 0,1,1. Now you move on and bet 1+1= 2 units. In case of loosing, you add 2 to the sequence. If you win, cross out the amount of units, that was just bet.

The system ends when all the numbers are crossed out and you are left with a zero. If you win on the first try, start the system all over again.

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