Internet Slot Machines with the highest payouts

Looking at this topic through the eyes of a player is tough but it is even tougher as a person with a Math & Science Degree. The world is made up of atoms... no, no, no. This is a question we are asked all the time and the simple answer is "I don't know." To that I can give you my opinions on what I believe to be true based on rationale I believe is correct.

As with Weather Girls and Economists, both of whom I respect for a tough job, if in fact they were able to be correct all the time they would be Bookies making tons of cash. The same holds true for my opinions of Internet Slot Machines with the highest payouts. I will however give you some things to look for in internet slot machines where I have had the best luck based on my beliefs.

In order to know scientifically which machine has the best payout percentages we need to establish an industry specific base count and make all manufacturers’ post these numbers. We are likely to see all these numbers posted as we are seeing Satan with icicles coming from his chin. Even with the percentages we would need to have spin counters to know exactly where we are in the cycle and be able to know how much the person before us had spent or won. I am assuming here that the RNG (Random Number Generators) are not reset to a specific point each time we start playing. It makes things very hard to determine the best using payout percentages.

Luck has much to do with playing online slot machines but you can increase your luck by looking at a couple things. The first thing you can do is play non-progressive slot machines because they do not need to contribute to the payout pool it is most probable the payouts are better over the long haul. Next it is important to know how many symbols are on each wheel. The larger the number of symbols on each wheel the less likely your chance that the same ones will show up on the play screen.

Bonus spins and features add to your winnings greatly so you need to determine the ease at which you can activate the bonus features. Machines which limit the scatter symbols to certain wheels have in my experience been easier to trigger bonus spins and rounds. With the bonus features it is best when the leave all features of the regular game in play allowing you to use wild symbols and being able to trigger additional free spins.

I found the machines which allow you to gamble your winnings, like those at Bet365 Casino, have been kind to me. Your odds of doubling up a win are 2:1; those are great odds in any Casino game. My advice to you is too look for a game that appeals to you and if the play information falls within reasonable guidelines, go for it!

And for you players based out of the United States you can use Strong VPN to play from anywhere.

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