My Review of Double Luck at Slotland Casino

An excellent Online Slot Machine for beginners is the 5 Reel, 9 Line Double Luck found at Slotland Casino. This machine is not part of the Progressive Jackpot, in theory making the payouts higher because no portion needs to be allocated to the Jackpot. I found this Internet Slot Machine pleasant to play and it allowed me to change betting strategies rather easily without fear of losing my chances at the Progressive Pot. Switching between number of lines bet and amount wagered allowed me to settle on combinations giving me some tidy winnings.

Symbols and Payouts

Double Luck Internet Slot Machine pay out chart

On the reels you will find Tree Stumps, Bells, Horseshoes, Coins, Cherries, Mushrooms,Four leaf Clovers and something that looks like a grape. The stumps are the most valuable netting you 500 coins for a five of a kind top line win and 300 and two hundred for the Bells and Horseshoes respectively. You will not find a Wild Symbol on this machine, so instead they have arranged for the Double-Up Feature if a coin appears anywhere on the board during a winning spin. More on the Double up feature is found below.

Betting on Double Luck

I found the betting on this particular machine very simple and straight forward you are able to wager anywhere from a nickel to a dollar on up to nine different payout lines. Using these amounts it makes it possible to bet as little as forty five cents up to nine dollars on each spin. I found my comfort zone at six lines and 50 cents for a total of $3.00 on each spin. After playing for over an hour I walked away with $93.50, less my initial deposit of $50.00, netting me a cool $43.50. Not bad for just over an hour’s research. I wish all my Casino reviews worked out this well, but we will talk about that later.

Double Luck Bonus Feature

This machine also offers players the ability to double their wins up to 5 times in a row and multiply winnings by up to 32 times. This takes the potential maximum win of 500 coins to the possibility of 16,000 coins. If a coin appears anywhere on the screen during a winning spin you get the chance to double your bet up to 5 times. This exciting feature allows you to simply choose a Star or Coin to Double-Up your current winning. Each time you win a Double-Up you are asked if you want to double again or take your winnings. Take care in determining whether you want to continue because your odds are only 50-50 and you may want to take your money and run depending on the win amount.

My Summary

This internet slot machine may not have all the excitement of some I have played it does offer decent value for play without the many distractions of other more complicated machines. If you want to spend a mindless hour away from your work and simply sitting at your desk this may be the solution for you. I recommend you give this machine a shot today. And, yes they do accept payment through Money Bookers.

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