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casino tricks tips online6 Casino tricks and tips to improve your chances at the casino

How would you like five simple, but effective casino tricks to increase your chances of winning? I will try to help you improve your results. Casinos make money when you lose and believe me, the odds are against you.

  1. You absolutely must know the games before you play! It is a fact that the player with the most knowledge is also the most lucky one. Never get in a game before you have seen it and have learned how it is played. Find out about the games you want to play and if you play in a traditional casino, do not be shy to ask the dealer if you do not understand the game and its rules.
  2. Never drink alcohol and play! One of the biggest mistakes of casino players is to drink and play. In most land-based casinos you will be offered free drinks - this only meant to make you spend even more money. Alcohol affects your thinking process, and you need a clear head in order to have chances of winning.
  3. Write your bankroll off before you start. Before you start playing you should set yourself a limit as to how much money you want to spend, and stick to that limit. Consider the money as lost before you even start, and make sure that the amount is affordable to you.
  4. Be sure to never fall into this trap: The worst thing for a novice player is if when he wins too much too soon. Remember, even if you are winning, you still have to keep your cool, play with your head and not get too wound up.
  5. Consider your own safety. This tip refers to a visit to a real casino. It is a fact that many casinos attract dubious persons. For your own protection, you should not tell anyone at the casino when you have won big.. Also, do not show off your money and if you have a large bankroll, put your money into the casino safe if you want to leave the casino.
  6. Of course you can always choose to play online - in this case your money is safe, especially if you play at one of our tested and reputable casinos. We recommend our test winner, Bet365 Casino. This provider of international reputation guarantees a secure gambling environment and a great experience fromt he safety and comfort of your home!