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Best sportsbetting site

Although many people claim that sports betting originated in ancient Greece, it was the Roman emperors who pioneered the pastime of predicting results and placing bets on gladiatorial games. After the end of the Roman era had become so popular that the first medieval kingdoms adopted their practice and even though many European rulers tried to ban gambling, these quickly spread to the American continent but its practice is only legal in some states.

As sports betting became popular, the first betting houses emerged, some illegal in Miami and New Orleans and others within the law, including Montecarlo and Las Vegas. It is with the appearance of the Internet that the great sports betting revolution begins. It is said that it was during the nineties that the first webs of online games appeared and that Microgaming was the first company to present reliable software.   

With the rise of online casinos soon appear online sites for online sports betting being the first of them, InterTops whose success determined the appearance of many others. It was in the year 2000 when Betfair appeared, the company that revolutionized the field of online sports betting, allowing bets among users by charging a small commission on bets and innovating with crossed bets, a proposal different from the traditional ones.   

Since the Internet became a tool of mass use, as the practice of online sports betting became popular, one of the most important achievements being the increase of players worldwide, therefore they could now bet from the comfort of their homes without having to move to the gambling house. At the same time, the direct follow-up of results allows quick decisions that often result in higher profits.   

Some tips to increase the chances of success in sports betting online could be:

  • Search information on sites dedicated to betting, read related literature and join groups of sports bettors to get all the possible knowledge of the subject.• You must set a limit for the amount of money to bet. You must not bet all your money. While the more experienced bettors say that you should not bet more than five percent of your bankroll, most players agree on betting between one and two percent of your bankroll would reduce the risk of going broke.
  • In order to stay competitive, most of the sportsbooks offer bonuses. You can take advantage of the bonuses to double your money an get a bigger margin of error.
  • Bet only on sports that you really know in this way you can make a preliminary analysis based on your knowledge of the subject and determine your real chances of success. Bet on sports of which you know nothing only because it is the sport of the moment is the fastest way to go broke. For example, if you want to bet on tennis, you must know the rules of the game thoroughly, you must know the previous results of each player for each type of surface, make use of the comparative records of the players and in general you must know all the statistics regarding number of suspensions and results of each player in the different tournaments and only managing all these details you can take advantage of the best online tennis bets.
  • Do not place your bets in one out. You must evaluate beforehand which of the out is indicated for the specific event in which you want to bet and what are the limits in the bets of each of them.

As you can see, sports betting has a long history behind it and with the technological advances, each time increasing the number of people, online sports bets win more followers every day. Nowadays, the punters do not even have to wait for real sports events anymore because technology has allowed the creation of virtual sports, providing them with an experience very close to reality.