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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about internet casinos

How safe is my deposit?

As long as you choose one of the serious internet casinos recommended on this website, your money is very safe. No major provider with a good position in the market would ruin his reputation by cheating his customers out of their money.

How can I prevent tampering with my credit card information?

The internet casinos have very high safety standards, and the danger of manipulation is lower than for example with a less well-known online shop. But if you want to be on the safe side, you can choose other payment options such as the popular paysafecards that work on the principle of charging a prepaid mobile phone - you can buy them cash at thousands of outlets. Another option are eWallet providers like Neteller or Moneybookers.

What if I want to cash out my winnings?

For this, too, the casinos offer many possibilities. Have the money credited back to your credit card, a bank transfer to your bank account or via the eWallet provider Neteller or Moneybookers, or you can can have them send you a check.

How does the free play system work?

Upon signup, many casinos give you free spins for a limited time. Any winnings after the free period is over can be kept by the player if he subsequently makes a minimum deposit. Many times, there is a limit to the winnings you get to keep.

How do I know if the casino will not let me win in the beginning, and take my money later?

The games which are being played in the initial phase are the same as later when you play with your own money, and the same random number generator is used. Such an approach, in which the player has a higher payout initially, violates the regulations of all regulatory bodies and will not be tolerated.

Is it legal to play Casino on the internet?

The casino operators are based in countries where this is legal. The player is responsible for compliance with the legal provisions in the area and state where they live. In practice, it is impossible for the law to control who plays on the web.